Olmec is a boss from the video-game Spelunky and takes the form of a gigantic stone head seemingly worshipped by the inhabitants of the Golden City - however upon the start of the fight Olmec sheds his outer stone layer to reveal he is actually made out of solid gold, save for a large ruby in his forehead.

Olmec also shows that he has at least some degree of intelligence as he moves around erratically, attempting to crush the player (as well as his own followers) - being invulnerable to harm Olmec ultimately kills himself when his continually attempts to kill the player breaks the last layer of stone in the room, sending the murderous statue plummeting into a lake of lava.

Olmec is also rumored to be the entity responsible for cursing the underground caves which the player and many adventurers before them had to brave - in the original version of the game he also served as the final boss but that role now gos to the demon king Yama.