Ollie mad

Ollie is a British opossum and is one of Snaptrap's henchmen. He works for the Diabolical Order Of Mayhem (D.O.O.M.).


Despite the fact that he is a villain, Ollie seems to be one of the most polite and cultured characters in the entire series, and can usually be seen reading books and drinking tea. He's also shown to be thoughtful on certain occasions. He's usually the one who gives his boss something cheese-related by accident, either forgetting Snaptrap's cheese allergy, or Snaptrap forgetting it himself. He tends to be Snaptrap's voice of reason, which he often ignores. He dosen't tend to do many evil things or act as mischievious as his partners, but he often does have ideas for evil plans. However, Snaptrap usually already has a plan, only to reveal it's just something he likes to do. He also loves to hypntotize, tucks Kitty Katswell in with his soft blanket to squeeze and to sing her a lullaby.



  • In True Spies, it is revealed that he isn't actually British; he just pretends to sound smarter with a British accent.