Olivia Stappord was a recurring character in the first season of Devious Maids and was the ex-wife of
Olivia Stappord
Michael Stappord.

She was bitter, jealous, manipulative and rather quite psychopathically crazy. When she divorced Michael, she got most of his things, including their maid, Luphal and Michael still keeps her decorations in his house.

Olivia was jealous when Michael was married to Taylor Stappord and was even ruining his birthday party. She even went so far as to even threaten to tell the whole of Beverly Hills that Taylor was a prostitute (pimped by Adrian Powell) but Marisol persuaded her not to and when Olivia found out about Michael and Taylor having a child, she went so far as to hang herself right outside of Michael's house, killing herself, just so that he can focus more on her. This caused Michael upset.