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I believe in honesty...especially now, in what will be your final moments in this world. All the rumors...the human sacrifices...the Hell portal...the's all true. My sisters and brothers, be thankful. You will be the first. You will have a seat alongside them as I will in what will become the new world they create for us. Starting now.
~ Olivia Pierce

Olivia Pierce is the main antagonist of Doom (2016). She is a scientist who is working with Hell to bring a world for mankind. She is heard talking on the intercom at the Mars base during one of the opening stages of the game, and she is also seen on the monitor talking to the Doom Slayer. She is first encountered in person in the Resource Operations center, where she overloads the Argent Energy Tower with the intent of opening a portal to hell. The Doom Marine briefly foils her by destroying the Argent filters powering the tower, but Pierce takes an Argent accumulator and ascends the tower with the intention of destroying the accumulator and opening the portal. The Doom Marine catches up to her at the base of the tower, but is too late to stop her from escaping in an elevator. At the top of the tower, she manages to destroy the accumulator and opens the portal, sucking the Doom Slayer into Hell in the process. He manages to escape, but Pierce is nowhere to be found and the invasion is well under progress.

In the Advanced Research Complex, Pierce is seen talking with facility director Samuel Hayden in a pre-recorded hologram. Hayden reprimands Pierce for the lack of information on her mysterious "research" to which she replies that it is extremely important for mankind. In the Lazarus Labs, she is seen again several times through holograms. In the first hologram, she bemoans the recent discovery of the Doom Slayer, as she fears his interference in her plans and the Demon "prophecy". She is then seen activating the Lazarus Wave which causes the possession of most of Mars' workers and soldiers. Finally, she is seen in her office being reprimanded by a Demonic Voice for her failure in preventing the Doom Slayer's return.

Pierce is encountered for the last time in Argent D'Nur. After killing the corrupted Wraiths powering The Well, the source of Argent energy, the Doom Slayer descends into the well to shut it down for good. At the bottom of the Well, Pierce unexpectedly appears in the middle, covered in blood and appearing shaken. She has come to realize the betrayal of Hell, stating that they promised her so much, before being struck by lightning and sinking into the pool of blood. She emerges as the Spider Mastermind, the telekinetic leader of the demons. After a hard-fought battle, she is defeated, ending the demonic invasion.


  • She is very similar to Malcolm Betruger, the main villain of Doom 3, as both villains are mad scientists who colluded with Hell.