The mysterious Oliver Haddo serves as the main antagonist of The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen: Century. Throughout, his goal is simply to usher in a new era by bringing on the creation of his "moonchild"-effectively creating an antichrist.


Paranormal investigator Thomas Carnaki has visions of Haddo organizing a cult with a new member in order to create a "Moonchild". Tragically, Carnaki's confrontation with Haddo only leads to the vision coming to a fruition. However, Haddo's attempts at creating an Antichrist are halted for the time being.



Glimpse of Haddo's other form

Haddo reappears in 1969 having moved to another body, this time working through the body of Kosmo Gallion and becoming a cult leader in the process. He intends to possess the body of Purple Orchestra singer Terner with the hopes of using his cultural status to further his creation of an Antichrist. However, his plan is cut short when Gallion is shot dead. Thinking it an opportunity for revenge, Haddo attempts to possess Mina but is thwarted by Prospero's talisman on her person. Not wanting to be thrown off any further, he possesses her associate "Tom" and escapes into the "invisible college" beyond.


Haddo finally succeeds in creating his Antichrist after leaving his mark on the child's body during his time as "Tom". Haddo manipulates the child into growing up to be his Antichrist, to which the student responded with mass murder at the "invisible college" upon discovering Haddo's manipulations. Haddo is beheaded but still alive and kept within a cage. He tries to push his Antichrist towards his destructive destiny, but the Antichrist initially refuses until provoked by his confrontation with Mina, Allan, and Orlando. Eventually, the Antichrist is disposed of by Mary Poppins who then takes Haddo's head away. It can be presumed that Poppins disposed of Haddo as well.


One of Haddo's defining qualities was his perverse nature, especially as seen in 1969. His spectral form is shown to be a green monstrosity with a disgusting distortion of male genitalia (thus making most images of it unsuitable to show on this wiki) and a large number of eyes. Within a scene, he attempts to trick Mina into killing Allan by appearing in their bed with her, crudely and cryptically taunting her and speaking of his survival.

Haddo is derived from Somerset Maugham's novel "The Magician" which is turned was based off notable figure Aleister Crowley.