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Olive and Hattie are the quaternary antagonists of Ella Enchanted.  They are Ella's insane stepsisters.  Olive is the one in purple, and Hattie is the one in orange.

They were portrayed by Lucy Punch and Jennifer Higham.

They torture Ella with her own curse, like their mother Dame Olga.  They are madly in love with Prince Char, until their stepsister humiliates them, now that her curse had lifted.

Similarities with Anastasia and Drizella

Olive, Hattie, Anastasia and Drizella all are related to the wicked stepmother, abuse their stepsisters, fall in the love with the princes, but get humiliated in the end. However, unlike Hattie, Olive, and Drizella, Anastasia eventually redeems herself.