Olga is one of the Seven Deities, and a major antagonist in the video game; Asura's Wrath. She's is the only female member of the Seven Deities, as well as the right-hand of Deus.


Olga is portrayed as a ruthless, determined, and overzealous demigoddess who strives to eliminate all who interfere with the plans of the Seven Deities. Olga speaks in an intellectual manner and a bewitching scent trails behind her wherever she goes. She has absolute loyalty to Deus and follows his orders without question, if pressed out of both fear and admiration for his power. Her feelings for Deus at certain points seemed to imply some level of love extending beyond professionalism, as when he was killed she genuinely weeped over his death and tried to kill Mithra so that Asura and Yasha could "feel her pain" over the loss of Deus. She has been seen as being snobbish and arrogant since during her time as a Guardian General before her transition under the orders of the Seven Deities, as she arrogantly rants to her peers (Sergei and Kalrow): "How [they] became generals was beyond [her]!" During her time as a one of the Seven Deities, she expressed an extreme level of callousness over humanity and casually wasted immense levels of Mantra in her ambition to destroy her enemies as she believed with humans under control, the Mantra supply was limitless. Olga clashed with her peer, Yasha, many times over her rash decisions and she harbored great resentmemt towards him for limiting her efforts and acting under Deus' good graces.


Olga possesses great endurance and speed. She is also Immortal like the other Deities. Like the other deities, she can harness the power of the Mantra to increase her physical attributes and destructive power. She is also seen freezing Mithra after Deus drops Asura off the edge of the space station hinting that she has control over ice. She also wields a sword.

In addition to her powers as a demigod, she is seen to take command over the Deities' fleet. She can also give the order for the Brahmastra to be fired at will.


  • Olga's Mantra Affinity is Lust
  • Olga, along with Kalrow, are the only members of the Seven Deities that never face Asura head on.
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