Olfin Tannerty Serpent's Egg

Olfin Tennety is an Ambassador to the Earth Republic and served as a recurring antagonist on the SyFy original series, Defiance.

She was portrayed by Jane McLean.


Olfin has repeatedly sent proposals to Defiance mayor Amanda Rosewater which would open the door for an increase in weapons to the city, but she has been rejected every time. After the countless rejections, Olfin decided to head to Defiance personally and meet with Amanda face-to-face.

Season 1

Olfin appeared in the episode, "The Serpent's Egg", with her two husbands, with the plan to rob Defiance of their funds so they would need help from the E-Rep. She conspired with Sy Preston in her game plan of robbing the land coach they were on with Amanda and lawkeeper Joshua Nolan. She planted a Scrip Chip on Kaspar, who was later killed, and she was taken by Preston as a front. Nolan saved Olfin, but Olfin would pull a gun on both Nolan and Amanda, clearly planning to kill them both. However, she was captured by Rynn, who was in custody for murder. Olfin was arrested by an E-Rep official, but she was revealed as a right hand woman when she removed her cuffs. Olfin later demanded to get every bit of information on Amanda.

Olfin briefly appeared in the episode, "If I Ever Leave This World Alive," and led the charge to block Nolan and Connor Price from retrieving medicine when a virus broke out. She would be overruled by Colonel Marsh.

Season 2

In the second season episode, "Bottom of the World," Olfin arrived to inspect the town's mines along with Amanda and Pottinger. While down there, an explosion occurs, killing Olfin and trapping Pottinger and Amanda