Oleander is a supporting antagonist from the 2013 computer-animated film, Epic.


At the beginning of the movie, Twiggy and him were the Boggan guards. He is so peculiar and funny which Twiggy is also extremely comical. He is also playful to Twiggy. But later he is with Mandrake and Bufo, and he was holding Twiggy and puts him down.

Meanwhile, Twiggy and Oleander was seeing Mub and Grub, but Twiggy uses Oleander's head to see everybody up here. He carries Twiggy for an extraordinary flight, Nod was in a fight of Oleander. Nod eventually kicks Oleander and he was seen falling to his apparent death with Twiggy.

Physical Appearance

He is a slender, heavy, strong, powerfully muscular Boggan with pale gray skin, green eyes, and a big creepy-looking animal skull.


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