The folks you saved are totally appalled by your actions! And flatness.
~ The Older Brother
Older Brother

Old Brother

The Older Brother is an minor antagonist in Hyper Dimension Neptune game. He is the older brother of the Young Brother.  The Older Brother and his young brother work/run a Restaurant, but also became criminals for a little time before deciding to redeem themselves and back to being good.


The Older Brother's face is unknown, however, there are some pyshical appearances that can be seen. The Older Brother has short, shoulder length hair. He seems to dress in warm clothing. On his back is an object, possibly a folded up map, or weapon's holder.


In Antagonist sided, he seems to be very greedy and only wanted to find ways of making money using criminals modes. He was not above stealing and taking a girl from home in order to use her for sexy advertising. He also seemed to find the "whipping punishment" that Nisa threatened to use sexy.