Old Woman
My prayers aren't heard, and, unable to receive forgiveness, only sins increase in number ...
~ The Old Woman in the Forest points this out herself.

The Old Woman in the Forest is a supporting character in the 2010 album, "Märchen". Her killing of the nun lead her to become the target of a revenge tragedy.

Her vocals and dialogue were provided by MIKI.


Living in the forest, the old woman's clothes are expectedly very simple. She is shown to wear a long-sleeved dress with shawls for her head and shoulders and an apron. Presumably because of her age, she is also quite hunched over.


She makes her first actual appearance after the nun returns from the monastery and takes the old woman for her mother. Practically starving, she eagerly takes the food that the nun has to give and demands more from her. Upon finding that the nun has no more food, the old woman drives an axe through her, pinning her to an inverted cross. She reveals that she had converted, possibly as a result of the Protestant Reformation, but was still unable to gain forgiveness for an untold sin.

Some time after, Hänsel and Gretel are lead to her house by the white birds under the nun's control. She welcomes them warmly and begins to feed them, saying that she has always wanted to provide food for children and now has the means to do it with the inheritance her late loan shark of a husband has left her. However, her good intentions are in vain – the children declare her a witch that intends to eat them and push her into the oven to be burnt alive, after which they take her treasure.