The Old One Cult is a secret society of dangerous fanatics dedicated to the worship of the Old Ones and they are the main antagonist of the episode "Russian About" of The Real Ghostbusters cartoon series.


When the Ghostbusters were set to appear in the city of Dnepropetrovsk located southeast of Kiev in Ukraine for a paranormal conference, the cult hatched a scheme to gain possession of "The Nameless Book" and awaken an Old One. Two members of the cult, Vladimir Pavel Maximov and Dmitri Smerdyakov, stole the book and accused the Ghostbusters.

While the authorities investigated, Vladimir and Dmitri fled the Soviet institute and met with the rest of the cult on a mountain. They chanted verse from the Nameless Book and were taken to an underground temple.

Once the book flew down to awaken the Old One, the cult was exposed. When presented with this dilemma by the Ghostbusters, the cult ran away. However, they were rounded up and arrested by Police Inspector Faden.



  • The Old One Cult are almost similar to the Cult of Cathulhu who worshipped an Old One named Cathulhu.
  • The cult's chant is an in-joke; It is taken from an old Bugs Bunny cartoon skit "The Super Rabbit".


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