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Old Nick is the main antagonist of the 2015 independet drama film Room ,which based on Emma Donoghue's novel of the same name. He is a criminal who kidnapped and raped Joy "Ma" Newsome in captivity and biological father to Jack.


Old Nick lured 17-year old Joy Newsome by pretending that his dog was lost then he kidnapped her and hold her captive at his home, raped and abused her for a period which result birth of Jack's deceased brother. one year later Jack was born, Joy tried protected him from him feared that Old Nick would killed them if his neighbours found out. Old Nick tells Joy that he has lost his job and threatens that he may not be able to afford their supplies in the future. To save Jack and herself, Joy trained him to pretend to be dead so Old Nick will take him to the grave. As the resluted Old Nick tried stagles Joy almost to death

Eventually Jack escaped from the trunk and rushed to a man who mistake him as girl and police arrested Old Nick for kidnapped thus Joy was saved and reunited with her family and son.

Old Nick suffered abused from prisoners or possbile victims of Old Nick will tesfised aginast him


  • Old Nick is based off of Josef Friztl, Ariel Casto and Phillip Garrido.

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