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Old Nick is the sole antagonist of the 2015 independent drama film Room, which was based on Emma Donoghue's novel of the same name. He is a criminal who kidnapped and raped Joy "Ma" Newsome in captivity, and is the biological father of her son, Jack.

He is portrayed by Sean Bridgers.


Old Nick lures 17-year old Joy Newsome by pretending that his dog was lost, and kidnaps her and holds her captive in his garden shed. He repeatedly rapes her, which eventually results in her getting pregnant and giving birth to a son, Jack. For the next seven years, Old Nick holds them both as prisoners, occasionally bringing them food and supplies. One night, Old Nick tells Joy that he has lost his job and says that he may not be able to afford their supplies in the future; it is implied that he plans to kill them.

To save Jack and herself, Joy trains him to pretend to be dead so Old Nick will take him out of the room to bury him. Old Nick is fooled, and wraps the boy up in a carpet and puts him in the bed of his truck. Jack escapes, and rushes to a group of passerby, yelling for help. Old Nick panics and drives away, but he is arrested later that night. Joy, meanwhile, is reunited with her son and her parents.

Old Nick is found guilty of kidnapping and rape, and sentenced to 25 years to life in prison.


  • Old Nick is based on Josef Friztl, Ariel Castro and Phillip Garrido, three men who kidnapped their victims and held them captive and sexually abusing them for years, fathering their children in the process.
  • Old Nick is another name for the Devil. Emma Donoghue stated that the novel is like "a battle between Mary and the Devil for baby Jesus."