That's what happens to things that go bad! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!
~ Old Man Spivey
Old Man Spivey, along with Mr. Jenkins, is one of two main antagonists of the stories of the horror anthology fim The Willies. He is a grumpy old farmer and a mad scientist who develops a formula that makes objects grow at super-sizes. He tricks his nemesis, Gordy Belcher, into using it, thus extracting revenge.


Old Man Spivey is a farmer who likes to keep to himself. While he appears to be a lonely old farmer, he is actually a brillant scientist, who is working on creating a formula to stop world hunger. Farmer Spivey's only human contact is with his archenemy, Gordie Belcher, who routinely steals his fertilizer for food for his pet flies. Spivey catches him almost every time, and violently screams at Gordie, telling him he will shoot him if he comes on his property again.

Gordie as no friends at all. He is overweight and very mean to everyone. His only hobby is insects, particularly flies. He raises flies in his basement, and when they die, he uses them to make art. 

Meanwhile, Farmer Spivey is developing a formula to make food grow at a faster and much larger size. He then gains the media's attention with the formula. People ask him why he won't sell the formula and become rich. Spivey says he knows that his formula could be used for evil, and says it's only safe in his hands.

One day, when Gordie goes to steal some fertilizer. Spivey catches him, but to Gordie's surprise, Spivey is much kinder and invites Gordie in. Inside, Spivey offers Gordie a jar of "Special manure", telling him that it has extra secret formula in it. As Gordie leaves, Farmer Spivey is shown cackling mischievously.

That night, Gordie puts three flies in the manure. He wakes up to strange sounds and turns on the light. He finds three giant flies in his room that attack him and rip off his arms. While screams are heard for Gordie's house, Old Man Spivey is shown laughing wickedly.