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Old Man Carrucan

Old Man Carrucan is a minor antagonist in Django Unchained.

He was portrayed by Bruce Dern.


Old Man Carrucan was a rich plantation owner who had caught two of his slaves, Django and his wife, Broomhilda, trying to escape. He then had the Brittle Brothers whip Broomhilda in front of Django for punishment, had an "R" bunt on their right cheeks, and had them both sold separately because he didn't believe in blacks getting married. He had Django sold cheap. It is unknown as to what happened to him after Django was sold, thought it's possible the Brittle brothers may have killed him for his money, evident by the fact they left the plantation because they were wanted for murder-or that perhaps Django went back and killed him after he had finally rescued Broomhilda from Candieland.

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