You're not alive man! You can't be alive!
~ Sam Whitemoon noticing Old Chief Wooden Head coming to life before him.

Old Chief Wooden Head is the title character and major antagonist in Creepshow 2's first story. Once the calm, unmoving store statue owned by Ray and Martha Spruce, Old Chief Wooden Head turns to the darkside after his two owners are robbed and murdered by three thugs, Sam Whitemoon and his two friends. Old Chief Wooden Head then comes to life and exacts his revenge on the three robbers, brutally killing them one by one. He is seen the next morning by Sam's uncle, Ben Whitemoon who sees his nephew's hair in Old Chief Wooden Head's right hand. Aware of what's happened, Ben wishes the dead Spruces and Sam a peaceful afterlife and drives away.


  • Old Chief can also be deemed not as the main antagonist of Creepshow 2's first story despite he isn't actually evil and also cares for his owners. Notably, Sam Whitemoon can be considered as the actual main antagonist due to his bad behavior & cruel personality especially for robbing and killing Old Chief's owners.