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Old Broken Bones Pete, I've got a bone for you to break!
~ The rhyme that will summon Pete

Old Broken Bones Pete is the antagonist of the Creepypasta story of the same name.


Old Broken Bones Pete was once a normal human black farmer, in the 1900s, and he was making an earnest living off the land. He had two healthy children and a loving wife. He was a nice, decent person and he enjoyed his job, they were often starving but somehow he had enough food to get by. But the white neighbours hated him, due to their prejudices, racism and arrogance. Pete was often the source of their slurs, puns and negative remarks. But Pete did his best to ignore them. One day when Pete came home in the afternoon he found that some white men in the town had broken into his house and raped his wife, killed his children, and when he tried to save his wife Pete was smashed in the knees by a club, and then his shoulders were beaten around by the club, leaving him to die a painful death with his limbs broken. Pete was forced to watch the men kill his wife, and then they ran out laughing. But Pete died, and he was so full of sorrow and hate that he came back as an evil ghost, nothing like his human self.


It was always around Halloween that the smell of rotting flesh became strongest in Pete's derelict house and there was always a foul smell around. There was a story that Pete's ghost came up on Halloween to feast on the flesh of his victims that he would find in the house, and there was a rhyme to summon him. But the police were meant to take the story seriously enough that they stationed their cars outside the house on October 29 to stop intruders.

This didn't stop three young boys breaking in to the house and two of their numbers becoming Pete's latest victims.


  • His real name was Pete robinson