By black of night and tooth of dog, With claw of wolf and creep of frog, Conjure me a spell of darkness, Bring me my darkest harvest

Old Bethesta is the main antagonist of the Wizards vs Aliens episode The Daughters of Stone.

She is a Neverside Witch who was the most hideous of The Neverside Wars and was defeated by a wizard named Caractacus Crowe who turned her two daughters Lemshar and Roschad to stone as punishment for their actions. The two remained like this for 500 years but their magical essence was able to occasionally escape and this made people think that ghosts were haunting The Blackberry Theatre.

Bethesta was able to reach The Dayside through a tear in The Line Of Twilight (which had been made to stop villains from The Neverside escaping) and came to The Blackberry Theatre where she planned to release her daughters from their Sleep of Stone by using Magic from the Magical Line of Crowe.

She had originally hoped to capture Caractacus's descendant Tom Clarke and use his Magic to undo Caractacus's spell, but instead took his grandmother and a fellow descendant of Caractacus: Ursula Crowe who had just reunited with her long lost husband Simoen Swann. Bethesta took Ursula through a threshold of enchantment within the theatre and allowed Lemshar and Roschad to drain Ursula.

When Tom arrived (having found the threshold), Bethesta tried to use his Magic to free her daughters. But luckily Tom was able to use the Staff of Crowe to trick her and restore the Sleep of Stone spell and this time, Bethesa was turned to stone too.

She was played by Adjoa Andoh who also played Sister Jatt (a member of the Sisters of Plenitude) and Francine Jones in Doctor Who.