Olba Meiyā is a Rogue Archbishop of the Church of Ente Isla.


He betrayed Emilia and temporarily joined forces with Lucifer to kill Emilia and Satan. Following the failed plans to kill Emi and Sadao, he had gone into hiding. He had been working with the corrupt Church of Ente Isla to kill any and all of their enemies, especially the rebelling 'heretics' such as those of the Allied Knight Order and anyone affiliated with them. He was Crestia's superior and would frequently give her assignments involving the brutal slaughter of the aforementioned groups of people. Following his loss against Satan in Sasakuza, he had somehow found himself in a hospital in the human world, where he regained consciousness after some time. Following this, he tries to reestablish his contract with Lucifer and proceeds to aid Sariel in his battle against Satan by casting a spell to increase his power. It turns out that he had been tricked by Lucifer into creating a panic with the Moon spell which causes Satan to regain his magic and defeat Sariel. Following Sariel's defeat, he is once again restrained, this time by Lucifer.

Powers and Abilities

As a priest of the Ente Isla Church, Olba was shown to be able to wield the Sacred Power. Here are the currently known different types of Sacred Power that Olba can use

  • Flight: After Lucifer told Olba to use his Sacred Power, he gained the ability to fly. This could possibly mean that flying comsumes ones magic, limiting its use somewhat.
  • Creation of portals: Not shown directly, but Olba and Lucifer got to Japan by using a portal Olba created.
  • Energy projectiles: Olba was shown to be able of releasing many purple projectiles, and making them explode.