Okamijin Neo-Shocker Kaijin

Okamijin (オオカミジン Ōkamijin?, 19): A wolf monster hailing from Edinburgh, Scotland/England. His initial (and successful) mission was to have a sonic power device implanted into his body. His outsider accomplice and doctor he worked for were incapacitated/killed to prevent Neoshocker's existence from being discovered. After arrogantly displaying his newfound "Murderous Wolf Cry" - a sonic attack that interferes with cybernetic systems and violently resonate human eardrums he is tasked with personally assassinating Skyrider. It almost works and he sends falling off a cliff to his apparent doom. Afterwards he subjugates nearby villages for the construction of new Neoshocker bases. Apart from his murderous howl he can detach his head and send it to bite his enemies and can also disguise himself as a lycanthropic like man. With the upgrade , the bite delivers an equally painful sonic discharge. Ari Commandos under his command wear earphones to protect themselves from his signature attack and help him carry a giant megaphone that further amplifies the effects of his "Murderous Wolf Cry" (Satsujin Denpa). To counter his attack, Skyrider encircles him on the Sky Turbo - negating the effectiveness of the Megaphone and causing his minions to collapse from dizziness. His upgrade is then destroyed by a chop. Destroyed by Skyrider's Sky Kick twice - one for the body and the other for the head trying to kill him in a last resort attack.

He was later revived as part of the Second Generation Cyborg Corps (改造人間二世部隊 Kaizō Ningen Nisei Butai?, movie). They were destroyed by the 7 Riders. He was also resurrected as part of Kaijin the Second Generation Corps (怪人二世部隊 Kaijin Nisei Butai?, 27-28). Okamin was destroyed by Gurand Bazarmy having his head chopped off after he said he don't care if Gurand Bazarmy comes from Kilimanjaro or whatever and he do not like it.