Oishi Kawaii in Oishi High School Battle

Oishi Kawaii is the main protagonist of Oishi High School Battle, a show featured in Smosh's cartoon channel, Shut Up! Cartoons.  Although Oishi is a hero for slaying demons, she also had some antagonistic roles in the show as well, making her more of an anti hero.

Villianous Acts

Oishi Will Kick Your Ass: Threatens to kill Ian and Anthony for making fun of her outfit.  But then after killing Ian, Anthony took it back and apologized, then Oishi decided to forgive him, gave him a kiss, and left.

The Crush: Oishi only lets Raif go out with him if only he can beat her boyfriend, Mucusance, in open combat.

Career Day: Oishi grows hostile over her literature teacher, Miss Hooper, dating her father, Ryuzu, so she sends her to an eternal self-obliterating crystal sphere.

Sexting: Oishi "sexts" to a new crush, Bobby Johnson, in order to go out with him, but Bobby was scarred by how gruesome her sex photos looked since he saw visions of tentacles.

Cutting: Oishi decides to kill Mere-Death after hearing about her cutting herself taking it as a failed suicide attempt.

Cool Girls: In spite of the girls' room bullies telling OIshi there tragic stories, Oishi decapitated both of them with an energy blast even though they wanted her to be their friend.

Oishi's Hot Outfit: Oishi grows jealous that Madison stole her robot suit idea from her, so they started a battle in the hallway.  Both of their suits also caused many deaths, injuries, and collisions.

Teen Pregnancy: Oishi was giving birth to Mucusance's baby, which ended up mauling everyone and keeping people from Oishi.

Homecoming Dance: In order to get a boy to go to the homecoming dance with her, Oishi goes topless in public to impress other boys.

Welcome Back: In order to become the most popular girl in school, Oishi plans to illiminate other popular girls.

New Class President of Doom: Oishi gets Stacy to say violent things to the students if they don't vote for her during the student body president election debate against Killgot, and also slaps her for not doing what she says.

The Crappiest Planet: Oishi enters the Hottest Games, where people hunt each other in order to be the hottest to get layed with King Douche, since Oishi wants to be the most popular and hottest girl.  Later, after Mucusance showed Oishi a photo of her boyfriend, Raif, cheating on her, having sex with the other girls fighting in the games, she pretends to forgive him, and then slaughters him in half with her dagger as payback.