Oil Man
Hey, whadja come out here for? Don'tcha got a place near your house for fill-ups?
~ Oil Man

Oil Man is one of the eight Robot Masters and bosses in the 2006 PSP game Mega Man Powered Up, a PSP remake of the original Mega Man game for the NES. He was originally built to be a maintenance robot that can fill up robots with a special type of Oil. However, he was reprogrammed by Dr. Wily to help him conquer the world. His signature weapon is the Oil Slider, a blob of oil that flattens on the ground if it doesn't hit a target, where it then can be used as a snowboard. He behaves akin to that of a stereotypical punk teen. He is very carefree and doesn't take many things seriously. He is also quite reckless, and enjoys skateboarding and giving fill-ups.

In his battle, he uses his weapon the Oil Slider, as well as firing blobs of oil while jumping. If Mega Man walks on one, it can slip up. Fortunately, these can be burned using the Fire Storm. His weakness is the Fire Storm and grants Mega Man the Oil Slider when defeated.