Ogthar is the primary antagonist of the animated film Dinotopia: Quest for the Ruby Sunstone. In the beginning of the movie, he is unintentionally released from his stone prison by two bumbling dinosaurs, Rhoga and Thudd whom at the same time, recovers the Dark Ruby Sunstone, which dark powers can endanger all of Dinotopia. He enlists Rhoga and Thudd to help him steal dinosaur eggs needed to create a new dinosaur army to conquer Dinotopia.

He is voiced by Malcolm McDowell.



Shipwrecked b

Oghtar in his ship during the storm

In the past, Oghtar, who used to be a captain of a ship, stranded onto island of Dinotopia due to the storm (similar with how protagonists of original Dinotopia book series arrived in Dinotopia). When he arrived there, he despised the island’s civilazation due to him deemed primitive. He eventually decided to live within the World Beneath, a vast network of caverns beneath the Dinotopia where his would-be lair located below a volcano.

That’s until he uncovered the dark variant of the sunstone called Ruby Sunstone. The Ruby bestowed him immortality and knowledge that enable him to reconstructing strutters. However, though he originally wanted to produce the machines thanks to his bestowed knowledge to revolutionize Dinotopia (which he also despised due to being primitive), his newfound power drove him insane and megalomaniacal, and ended up change the machine into warfares. This droves his fellow sailors to turn on him. He later sealed inside a specialized sarchopagus for decades and the Ruby Sunstone was taken from him (Ruby itself was the only thing that able to release him).

It’s unclear whether Oghtar was died or not during his imprisonment. Had he died, the ruby sunstone’s power would have revive him and restored his body upon resurrection.


Unfortunately, by the events of the movie, Rhoga and Thudd, whom uncovered the ruby sunstone in present, revealed that the sunstone itself never buried far away from Oghtar’s stone prison. They briefly fight over the ruby until it unintentionally hit the sarchophagus, freed him and eventually restored his body. Mistaking him to be a genie, Rhoga unintentionally insult him, and he grab their tongue in retaliation. After revealed to him that they freed him albeit unintentionally, Oghtar revealed his backstory, with Thudd briefly insult his abandoned strutters.

He then recruit them for his cause, and tempt them with treasures as the reward. To guarantee that they willing to be his new followers, Oghtar revealed that they will be executed had they denied, promp them to joined him out of fear. Oghtar then asked them to steal the dinosaur eggs, while he himself destroyed the sarcophagus that used for imprison him.

After they succeed in stealing the eggs, he revealed further of his plans where he would had these eggs incubated with his incubator: When the eggs hatched, they would borned into mutated version of their kind (possibly like bionosaurs from Turok Franchise) that would serve him. These mutated dinosaurs would use his weaponized struters and destroyed Waterfall city. As they busily incubates the egg for building the said army, Kex, Mara, 26, and Spazz had stole 2 of his strutters and retake the eggs. The fight ensues, where surprised Oghtar tries to blast Spazz, whom riding the T-Rex like strutter. Spazz barely avoided the blast, but his struter destroyed in process. Oghtar tries to blast Kex and Mara as they retrieve the stolen egg, but 26 interferes, caused him blasted the ceiling of his lair instead, causing the whole place collapsed and awakened the volcano above.

Apparent Demise

When Kex and his friends managed to escape, he catch them up with his scorpion-like strutters. He managed to damaged Kex’s strutter, prompt them to run while 26 distract him. Just then, the recovered Thudd and Rhoga appears, and Oghtar demand them to chase the rest of the protagonists, only to them defeated by Kex later whom incapacitated the latter with quicksands. He then chases 26, and when he finally cornered him, his struter was wrecked by Stinktooth, prompt him to escape but remain persistent to follow the young chasmosaurus.

After he finally cornered 26, whom planned to drop the ruby below, he tempted him that he knew how to save the rest of the sunstones’ powers(as the ruby sunstone’s power started to nullifying the regular sunstone on Dinotopia, threaten it to easily discovered by the outside world). Thought aware that this was a trick, 26 insisted that hewould destroyed it. But at the same time, he unintentionally lower his guard, prompt Oghtar to took the stone. 26 then fought him and this caused them to fall into lava below. While 26 was saved by John in nick of time, Oghtar fell to magma below, presumaly sealed him within teutonic plate below the earth for good.


  • Ironically, he share his name with the legendary figure who is said to look like a cross between a human and a ceratopsian, who was king of the now-sunken island city of Poseidos.
    • The possible explanation of this was due to him created as combination between Cyrus Crabb and the Oghtar from the book: Oghtar in this movie are portrayed as human that despised Dinotopia like Cyrus did, and both Oghtars are legendary figure(messianic in books while the figure of nightmare in the movie).