The Ogre was the main villain of the 1923 Felix the Cat cartoon "Felix in Fairyland".

The Ogre was a bullying shapeshifting landlord who forbade children or felines from his castle home - Felix decided to deal with the Ogre in order to help the Old Woman who lived in a shoe and give her a bigger home.

The Ogre was quick to bully Felix and transformed into a lion to try and eat Felix but wasn't fast enough to catch Felix, who also managed to trick the Ogre with a fake detour sign in order to buy himself enough time to find a beanstalk by which to climb to safety.

The Ogre could not climb the beanstalk in his lion form and reverted back to his humanoid shape, Felix then slided down and used the Ogre's own pride against him by betting the Ogre that he couldn't turn into a mouse.

The Ogre was quick to try and prove himself to Felix and accepted the challenge only for Felix to take advantage of the now smaller Ogre - knocking him out with ease.

With the Ogre gone, the old woman proceeded to move into the castle home along with her many children.