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Oglethorpe and Emory, better known as the Plutonians, are the two spiked aliens from the animated series, Aqua Teen Hunger Force.

Oglethorpe is voiced by Andy Merrill and Emory is voiced by Mike Schatz.

They try planning new ways for world's domination, but they sometimes bickers and got their own plans foiled. They hated Master Shake because he is very annoying and ignorance than they were.

Oglethorpe is orange and obese who speaks in a heavy German accent and Emory is green, thinner, and taller and seems to be nicer than Oglethorpe.

They are enemies with the Mooninites since high school.



  • Emory once lost his keys in a woodchipper, into which he and Oglethorpe went to find them, explaining their bizarre appearance.
  • They are named after the 2 universities in Atlanta, where Williams Street created adult swim.
  • At a Space Ghost reunion panel in 2011, Andy Merrill mentioned he finished recording lines for Oglethorpe, possibly meaning that they will return in Season 10, after not appearing since Deleted Scenes, and officially since Season 2.
  • They returned in Season 10 in the episode Spacecadeuce, however the Aqua Teens and Carl did not appear in the episode.
  • They can be considered one of the most useless villains in cartoons such as the Amoeba Boys.

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