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Officer Williams
Officer Williams

Officer Williams

Officer Williams is a police officer in Bullworth. He was voiced by Chad Coleman.

Character description

Officer Williams is the only black police officer. He wears the standard police uniform with the cap pulled down to mostly cover his eyes, which are brown. He also has a thin black moustache. The badge on his cap reads Motor Police, thus explaining his vehicle patrols.


Officer Williams has a firm, but fair approach to law enforcement. He seems to care about juveniles, and when busting them, he reminds them of the long term effects of crime when they break the law. However, he is also corrupt and makes deals with Mihailovich. Due to their opposing attitudes towards juveniles, Officer Williams is possibly rivals with Officer Monson. He used to be a track star in school, and loves it when suspects run.

Officer Williams may be related to the greaser Norton Williams, because of the shared surname and skin colour. He often patrols using a police wagon, and usually drops Jimmy Hopkins off outside the school gates if Jimmy get arrested for truancy or violating curfew.

Role in Game

Officer Williams is seen accepting a bribe from Mihailovich during an errand. Other appearances include patrolling Hattrick Manor during Glass House and the WonderMeats Factory in Complete Mayhem with the other officers.