This is Officer Timmons requesting backup! Pursuing suspect in assasination! [...] Suspect is armed and dangerous, I repeat: Suspect is armed and dangerous!
~ Timmons sending the police to hunt Swagger

Officer Stanley Timmons is an antagonist in the 2007 movie Shooter. He is a 7-year veteran police officer in Philadelphia and a catspaw in the plot to kill the Archbishop of Ethiopia.

He is portrayed by Alan C. Peterson.

On the day of the president's speech in Philadelphia, Colonel Johnson introduces Timmons to Swagger. Swagger immediately tells Simmons that the holster of his weapon isn't snapped. Timmons corrects that only to un-snap the holster while Swagger watches the speech. When Swagger tells the agents to take the assassin, no one reacts. When Swagger turns, Timmons shoots him in the stomach. Swagger jumps out of a window to escape, while Timmons fires at him. Though he manages to severely hurt him, Swagger survives. One of Johnsons agents berates Timmons for missing.

When he overpowers Agent Memphis during his escape, Swagger tells the agent that Timmons is a setup. The latter arrives moments later, only to see Swagger driving away with Memphis' car. He stops to help the young agents and tells him that he shot Swagger twice. He then uses his radio to call for police backup. After he called an ambulance for Memphis, Timmons is interviewed by a reporter. He claims that while being on patrol, he saw a rifle hanging out of a window and found Swagger inside.

It is later shown in the newspaper that Timmons was shot by an unknown assailant. While it appears that he was mugged, Memphis thinks that he was killed to tie up loose ends.