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"Hey don't worry about that ok? Because you are dead too! BITCH!"
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Officer Krieger

Officer Krieger is an antagonist in the 1998 hit-superhero vigilante horror film Blade The Vampire Hunter. He was played by Kevin Patrick Walls.


When the lonely and beautiful Karen Jensen returned to her home, she was confronted by Krieger who dropped in on her for a "routine check". When Jensen questions her boyfriend mysterious whereabouts after their horrific attack by a vampire, Krieger reveals he is dead and that Karen was next. Jensen defended herself by using the mace Whistler offered her in repelling vampires but Krieger strangely isn't affected with the chemicals. Krieger mocked Karen's intellect on the existence of vampires and is about to kill her until Blade ambushes him, assaulting him very savagely until he reveals Krieger's affliation with the vampires. Showing Krieger's imprint mark on the back of his neck, it reveals he is a "familiar": humans who are personal bound slaves to the creatures of Hominus Nocturne. Upon interrogating him in the public, Blade and Karen discovers that Krieger is transporting illegal blood donors from unsuspected blood banks throughout the urban city of London. Krieger escapes when Blade threatens him with a gun and at dusk, he obtain more deliveries from a few more banks until he arrives at a vampire house which ruled by an overlord called Pearl. Krieger was on his way through the insentional nightclub until he learns that Blade and Karen tracked him down there. Krieger ordered numerous vampire bodyguards and henchmen to stop Blade but the daywalker professionally overwhelms them and recaptured Krieger. When Blade demands the entrance into Pearl's layer, Krieger points out that the entrance to the layer is in the form of a beverage container but before Blade ventures further into the base, he threatens to kill Krieger if he doesn't inform his owner Deacon Frost and his people the oncoming presence of Blade.


Krieger returns to Frost's hideout and repeating the following of Blade's attack on him while failing to terminate Karen Jensen. This result of failure had Frost savagely feast on Krieger with vengeful desire along with Mercury joining him with Frost finishing Krieger by pushing is corpse in the pool, killing Krieger dreadfully.

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