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Officer Goosebumps Is the main antagonist of season 2 of The Haunted Hathaways in the special episode The Mostly Ghostly Girl. frankie just bump into him when she was running . He said his his mom just dryed his pants and after said it was him who dryed his pants. When Frankie wanted to leave he told her he never see her before. She said to him she was just a normal like the others. he used his scanner for check her and see she was human and not a ghost so he arrested her and bring her to the ghost police station. He was telling her she never go leave because he do not want her to tell anyone. She promise she won't tell anyone but he do not believe her and still refuse to let her go fear that she will tell someone. When he play with a toy Frankie tell him he wasn't really good at it he tell her he will tell her to give him a hand but tell her she's don't have one see she was soon go to dissappear and think it was funny. When a other officer called Bugliari enter the office and mistaken his name he was happy to hears some detective capture a human. He do not know it was Miles Louis and Taylor who wanted to trapped him for free Frankie. They tell Taylor was not the only humans other humans came to ghost world so he left them  behind for call for help. But Louie make the alarm ringing when he wanted to free Frankie. So he see they wasn't detective so he trapped them and locked them up. When he go looking for the humans they we're talking for without knowing they finally make their escape and lies to him. When return to the office he tell them to freeze but his teaser won't work. He's also appear to be scared of clowns after Louie throw the scary clown head to Bugliari by mistake because Goosebumps was the real target. And see that's them who throw that and wanted to catch them with his partner. But they get  handscuffed by Miles and when they finally escape he told his partner his mother have the other pair of keys for unhandcuffed them and both of them leave for Goosebumps mom house.

He was supposed to return in others episode with Buglari, but they had never reappear since, its unknow if he will come back in season 3 or not.