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Officer Bugliari He's the secondary antagonist of the season 2 of The Haunted Hathaways in the episode The Mostly Ghostly Girl

he was portrayed by Shad Gaspard.

He appear in the office of Officer Goosebumps by mistaken his name by calling him Gumboops. he told him two detectives are outside with a good news and bring them in with Taylor without knowing it was a trap for free Frankie. So when they tell them other humans might be here too he go looking for them without knowing they trapped them. but Goosebumps maybe tell him after Taylor Louie Frankie and Miles escape from jail ghosts. He receive the scary clown head in his back after Louie tried to throw the head to Goosebumps. Taylor Mirabelle Miles and Frankie was shocked after the plan of Louie failed. Louie said it was not what he have in mind because the two cops see them and run after them. But when they tries to catch them Miles told them he have a question and appear behind their back and said why they holding hands togheter and see Miles handcuffed them. When he tries to catch Miles he turn around so when the girls finally escape Louie and Miles escape when the officers tries to catch them for catch the keys they failed but Officer Goosebumps told him his mother have the other pair of keys and two of them leave togheter for Goosebumps mother house.

He was supposed to reappear during the others episode, but like Goosebumps he didn't return for the rest of the season , but like officer Goosebumps is unknow if he will return in season 3.