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Odin is the legendary figure from Norse mythology and a Child of Oberon. Like his mythological counterpart, this depiction in TV animation is also antagonistic.

Odin made his major appearance in the episode "Eye of the Storm". Odin was voiced by Star Trek cast member W. Morgan Sheppard in English.


Eye of the Storm

Upon arrival in Norway, Goliath, Elisa, Bronx, and Angela are welcomed by Odin in his cloak of stars. He offered a fur coat for Elisa to keep warm. Odin asked Goliath that he will receive the coat if he has traded him the Eye of Odin. Elisa gave Goliath a warning that Odin will be strong for giving him the Eye.

Angela was talking to Goliath about the cloaked figure who wanted the dangerous item from him. Odin has turned into a hostile polar bear, rising out of a thicket of snow. Bronx attempts to drive away Odin who is attacking Goliath. The three failed to defeat him. He jumped on Goliath, stealing Goliath's pouch which contains the Eye of Odin. Goliath went after the polar bear, opening its jaws with the pouch on it. Goliath was able to trick him, knocking him down a cold pond.

It is revealed that the one-eyed polar bear is not an ordinary animal. Instead, the one-eyed creature reveals to be Odin on Sleipnir. As Odin and Sleipnir busted in the house, the cloaked figure captured Elisa. He offered Goliath to give him the Eye of Odin as a sudden death. Angela has warned Goliath that Odin will be powerful for giving him the amulet.

As Goliath donned the Eye of Odin, he flew after him and his horse up in the sky. Odin attempted to kill Goliath, but he took Elisa and returned back to the snowy grounds. Later on, many people himself thought Goliath is Odin. Goliath, himself, has the behavior of Odin and started being a tyrant, trapping the Avalon World Tour in a cave.

Odin came out in his battle armor, trusting him to give back his amulet. Goliath gets into a confrontation with Odin about being realizing what Goliath is. Odin gets weaker and is almost defeated. Later on, Goliath started to rescue Angela after creating the gaps he has caused. Goliath removed the Eye of Odin, turning him back to normal. Odin apologized for the wrongdoings used on Goliath, giving him back his amulet. Odin rides up on the Rainbow Bridge as a despair.

The Gathering: Part One

Odin gets into a brief fight with the Banshee during the Gathering at Avalon. Oberon froze both of them into ice after a brief fight. Oberon froze both of the frozen fighters in their animal forms. He later reverts them back to their original forms, later unfreezing them.


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