Odessa Burakov was a major anti-heroine in Devious Maids and former antagonist of Carmen Luna's storyline.

She was the loyal housekeeper of the late Latin singer Alejandro Rubio and she had a crush on him and her crush Lead to paranoia, which was possibly why she prevented Carmen from her opportunism to get noticed since she sees people taking advantage of Alejandro.

Odessa can be mean, bossy and a bit devious, which was shown when she ruined Carmen's record deal with Benny Sutto.

However, when she saved Carmen from her abusive husband, the two later become friends and Carmen supported Odessa through her cancer.

However, Odessa was hurt when she found out that Alejandro is dead and that Carmen agreed to be his fake wife so that the press will think that he is straight.

In the next season, her and Carmen clash a bit due to Carmen treating her like the help but the two later make up. However, when Alejandro is dead, Carmen and Odessa were staging a funeral for him but Odessa was disappointed when Carmen uses the funeral to get noticed but when the reality sets in, Odessa comforts her.

The two later went their separate ways.