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John was obsessed with  spending time with insects more than with people.  Thie kids mocked him, calling him Buggsy and Odd John.  But their laughter only drove him closer to his six legged friends: "

Soon enough, Bug's teammates came looking for them in their ship, the Endeavor.  When the ship proved resistant to his gas, John smashed it with a pitchfork.  When Rann and Acroyear engaged John, he grabbed a shotgun and blasted the ship.  Bug blasted Acroyear into unconsciousness, while John gassed Rann.  After checking out the micro-warriors and deciding they weren't insects, John decided to just preserve them, by skewering them on the board next to his butterfly collection.  He also sent his swarm of mutated insects to start their war on humanity.

As John's needle drew ever nearer to Rann's chest, a swarm of normal insects gathered the attention of Ant-Man, who flew off to the rescue aboard his trusty steeds, Blixen and Vixen. By the time John had regained consciousness, Rann and Mari had bound him in chains, and they told him that they would stop his insect army and restore their ally.  He revealed he had fallen to the ground, he had smashed his control device that the insects could not be called back.

Correctly figuring that the insects would respond to their instinct for food, the Micronauts located the swarm approaching a nearby Food World™.  Joining together with Ant-Man, who arrived on the scene just a few minutes before them, they fought the swarm, eventually discovering that Ant-Man's Pym Particles not only would shrink the giant insects, it also reversed their mutation almost instantly.  The process proved effective on all of the insects, and on Bug as well, and the threat was eliminated.  Ant-Man then followed the Micronauts back to Odd John's farm, where he saw to it that John was arrested, and his lab dismantled.