Octophantom is one of Lord Zedd's monsters. He had a jar that he used to steal the Power Rangers' powers. After luring them out he kidnapped Tommy, Zack, Kimberly, and Trini and almost drained their powers. Luckily, Billy and Jason discovered that Octophantom was extremely vain and defeated him with a mirror disguised as a shield. Zedd made him grow and he was destroyed by the Thunder Megazord.

Slso best classic Zyu2 monster named Octophantom to trick on Jason and Billy, to captured as Kim, Zack, Trini and Tommy. on During "The Power Stealer" create by Lord Zedd by history good appearances of PR as "King for A Day", "Flashes of Darkonda", and "Countdown to Destruction". also best during Power Rangers In Space Theme Song to using monster in the Planet of Onyx. Also, Octophantom appear in Gold Ranger Music Video among with Grumble Bee prepare to fight with Gold Ranger.