Octolings are major antagonist in Nintendos video game, Splatoon. They are Octarians and are the octopus counter part of an inkling. The only Octolings to be seen in the game are female.



Octolings have short hair that curls up in the back. The hair has a few suckers that are that of an octopus. Octolings are always seen wearing Octoling gear, meaning that you cannot see their eyes do to their goggles. Like an inkling, Octolings have the ability to transform into an Octopus. Also like an inkling, their soul can be seen when they die.


Not much is known about an Octolings personality other then the fact that they are brutal fighters who never show mercy to their victims.

Role In The Game

Single Player

Octoling Invasion

The Octolings first make their appearance in the level Octoling Invasion. In this level, Octolings attempt to kill the protagonist in order to stop him/her from recieving the Zapfish. The protagonist must kill the Octolings in order to advance.

Inkvisable Avenues

A lone Octoling makes an appearance in the level Inkvisable Avenues. The protagonist is warned by Captin Cuttle Fish of an Octoling ambush. The protagonist must kill a lone Octoling to move on.

Octoling Assault

In the level Octoling Assault, lots of Octolings appear and try to kill you. You must eventually kill them with the Inkzooka to move on.

Proper Lift Fortress

Proper Lift Fortress introduces the first Kelp Octoling in which you must take out in order to advance.

Spinning Spreaders

In Spinning Spreaders, Agent 2 notes that it smells like Octolings. This is where Octolings come in that you must defeat.

Octoling Uprising

In Octoling Uprising, a Kelp Octoling as well as many other normal Octolings appear to try to kill you. You must evantually defeat them.

Spongey Observatory

in Spongey Observatory, Octolings appear at the final checkpoint. This notabley annoys Agent 2 as now you have to fight and defeat the Octoling.

Octoling Onslaught

Octoling Onslaught is the final level the Octolings are in. Many Octolings and Kelp Octolings randomly appear to try and kill you. As usual, kill them in order to advance.


A Splatoon hacker was able to hack the game and make it so that they were able to play as an Octoling. The hack worked and they were able to play online as an Octoling. They were even able to remove the Octolings gear in order to see the Octolings eyes.

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