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Octobots are robotic cephalopod-like aliens, created by Giygas, appearing as enemies in Earthbound. Like the rest of Giygas' minions they use a psychic power called PSI. They often steal items from party members in the game series. Also, they appear in southern Scaraba, in the desert.


Octobots are composed of a silver sphere. They have a visor and a cone in the centre. They have four tentacle-like parts instead of eight, despite their name.


Military Octobot - A stronger version of the original Octobot. They are blue and they appear in the Stonehenge Base.

Mechanical Octobot - An improved version of the Military Octobot. They are yellow and they appear in Onett after defeating Ness's Nightmare.

Ultimate Octobot - The most powerful Octobot in Mother 2/Earthbound. They are pink and they are encountered in the Cave of the Past.

Return of Octobot - Octobots modeled after the Ultimate Octobot. Their left sides are silver while their right sides are bronze. Two of their tentacle-like parts are sliver while the other two are bronze. You can find them in the Laboratory Level in the Empire Porky Building.

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