Octo Paganini is a Belgian supervillain from an episode of The Tick animated series. Though his first name is Octo, he resembles a spider more than an Octopus, so it appears that the name simply follows the numeric theme and not an animal theme as well. He is a musical affecionado, and due to having six arms, can play two, or even three violins at a time potentially, though he is only shown playing two in the episode. He is named after Itallian violinist Niccolo Paganini.

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Octo Paganini plots with the Eastern Bloc Robot Cowboy to kidnap and replace the king of Belgium with a robot and pronounce himself the prime minister. He orders the citizens of Belgium to send all of their money to him. When his imposter robot is beheaded by the Tick's replacement sidekick Blitzen, Paganini claims that she commited regicide, and declares himself the new king, but no one accepts this declaration and he is arrested.