Hi, I'm President Business... president of the Octan Corporation and the world. Let's take extra care to follow the instructions, or you'll be put to sleep.
~ President Business, CEO and leader of Octan Corporation.

Octan Corporation, also known as Octan and Octan Corp, is a megacorporation that is secretly the evil empire of Lord Business and it serves as an antagonistic faction in The Lego Movie.



  • It is named after the fictional gas station brand in the LEGO franchise.
    • The logo consists of a red and green oval shape and the word Octan, with the first two letters in red and the last three in green.
  • There are containers in some LEGO sets that have the Octan imprint on it.
  • The Skull Twins from the 2009 Space Police III theme have octan printed on their uniforms, which hints the Octan Corporation may have some involvement with criminal activity in the LEGO universe.
  • Although a fictional brand, Octan was named after Octane, which is a gasoline rating system, and a hydrocarbon in real life with the molecular formula C8H18.