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Ocean Master (DC)

The Ocean Master, also known as Orm Marius, is a supervillain appearing in the  DC Comics.


Ancient Atlantean prophecies foretell that the kingdom shall ever be struggled over by two brothers. This struggle is currently fought by the Atlantean king, Aquaman, and his half-brother, Ocean Master. Orm is the son of Atlan, an Atlantean mage and father of Aquaman, and an Eskimo woman. He is also the archenemy of Aquaman.

Learning of his origins from his mother while she was drunk combined with seeing a young Aquaman in love with the woman he wanted for his own drove Orm over the edge. He swore that he would not rest until he had destroyed all that brought joy to Aquaman. Years later, Orm arrived in Poseidonis where Aquaman sat on the throne, and presented himself as Ocean Master, the rightful ruler of Atlantis.

Other Appearances

DC Animated Film Universe

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DC Extended Universe

Ocean Master (DC Extended Universe)

Ocean Master (Orm Marius) will serve as the main antagonist of the 2018 film, Aquaman. He will be portrayed by Patrick Wilson, who also portrayed Agent Lynch in The A-Team.




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