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I will not let a meteor to destroy Gorm! I will be the one who is gonna do it.
~ Obscurio to Luminor.

Obscurio is the main antagonist of the Gormiti animated series. He is a dark, cunning, and malevolent creature who was created by Magor to destroy Gorm.


Created by Magor, he meeted Magmion and studied the island of Gorm and its creatures, he eventually fought with Luminor which defeated him and became his rival.

He later gained the power of Mythos and joined with Luminor in order to destroy the meteor which was going to destroy the isle of Gorm.

When they managed to destroy the meteor, its fragments landed on his body transforming him with the power of the moon itself, he challenged his newly transformed rival in a decisive battle for the fate of Gorm.

He fought against Nobilmantis, Anticoh Thorg, Grandalbero and Luminor along with his companions Armageddon and Devilfenix.

The battle ended with his defeat, where he was sealed away along with his allies by a dimensional rift.

After some eras he was brought back by Magor to fight the new heroes of the forces of nature.

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