Oboro is the main antagonist of Samurai Shodown Warrior's Rage.

Oboro was once a revered ninja of the Iga clan, on par in skill with Hanzo Hattori. However, after losing a duel to Hanzo, he was forced to leave the clan. Embittered, Oboro started to learn dark magic to one day seek revenge upon them. Oboro eventually befriends Jigen Taishi, and the two start plotting the current government's downfall. When their plan is discovered, the two flee to Ritenkyo, an island which was originally used as a prison of sorts but was now a lawless place overrun by criminals. Seeking to establish themselves as the rulers of the island, Oboro enlists Tohma Kuki and Mikoto, forming the Razor Trio to serve as the enforcers of Jigen Taishi's will.

Through various underhanded tactics such as assassinations and intimidation Oboro is able to establish his group in the island, but at the same time the government secretly sends a handful of enforcers to the island to capture Oboro and Jigen. The now old Haohmaru also goes to the island to search for Mikoto, as she was his adoptive daughter. Haohmaru confronts Oboro, who uses his magic to control his cursed sword from afar. Since Oboro's soul was linked to the sword, Haohmaru destroy the sword, which in turn kills Oboro.