Obi Tate

For years, you've burned those around you with your lies, cons and deceits. Now you'll have to redeem yourself, for the games you've played with others, by playing one of mine.
~ Jigsaw explains why his testing Obi.

Obi Tate is the minor antagonist who appeared in Saw II. He is an arsonist with a desire of being tested by Jigsaw and also assisted Jigsaw in kidnapping the other victims planned for the Nerve Gas House.

Obi was one of the victims for the Nerve Gas House. In the basement, Jigsaw revealed that Obi was an arsonist who "burned those around him with his lies, cons and deceits". It was also revealed that Obi helped abduct the others to place them in the Nerve Gas House. Another victim, Laura Hunter, remembered Obi snuck into her car and kidnapped her in the middle of the night. Jigsaw instructed Obi to get into a furnace to collect two antidotes with one being a gift for him for helping him abduct the others. Although once he grabbed the second syringe, the furnace's door closed and the fire was set.

Obi failed to escape to furnace yet he smashed through the end, though burned alive still. It was revealed all Obi had to do to prevent his death was to turn the knob with the Devil sketched over it.

Other appearances

Obi appears in the 2009 Saw video game adaption, which bridges the gap between the original film and Saw II. Here he appears as one of many Jigsaw victims that playable character and protagonist David Tapp must rescue, although Obi's inclusion is voluntary.

Obi wanted to become part of Jigsaw's games and put an advert in a newspaper to call out to him. Jigsaw fulfilled his request and kidnapped Obi, although he was unable to escape his trap and had to rely on captured former detective David Tapp to rescue him, much to Obi's disappointment. Obi is placed inside a massive incinerator and Tapp is made to solve the puzzle in order to save him, although Obi pleas with him to let him solve the trap himself.

Once released, Obi accuses Tapp of "ruining" his game. Obi briefly tags along with Tapp, but proceeds to run away and disappear for the remainder of the game.