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Obesandjo as seen in the film

Obesandjo is the secondary antagonist of the 2009 live action film, District 9.

He was portrayed by Eugene Khumbanyiwa.


Obesandjo is a paralyzed Nigerian warlord that lives in District 9 among the many Prawns. He believes that eating body parts of Prawns will access the ability to function their array of weapons, which can only be used by a Prawns hands.

During the final battle between Wikus and Christopher versus Koobus Venter and the PMC, Obesandjo's men capture Wikus and prepare to dismember his Prawn arm, but Little CJ remotely activates a mechanized battle suit that was stored in Obesandjo's place and brutally kills him with a large bullet through the forehead, followed by a graphic explosion. Obesandjo's men are also killed by Little CJ.

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