Obbo is a character in the novel 'The Casual Vacancy' by J.K. Rowling. He is a drug dealer and seller of stolen goods.


Obbo lives in Pagford, the setting of the novel. He is a drug dealer and supplies heroin to Terri Weedon. Obbo is described as wearing thick glasses, having a gap-toothed grin and puffy face and wears a dirty leather jacket. He is hated by Terri's daughter, Krystal, who tries in vain to keep her mother off heroin because the Social Services have threatened to take away Terri's youngest son, Robbie.

Obbo is also involved in selling stolen goods (he had fenced a bunch of stolen computers, one of which is bought by Simon Price). Despite repeated attempts to keep her mother off heroin, Terri was still in contact with Obbo, holding onto stolen goods in exchange for drugs. One day, Obbo came round when Krystal and Robbie were in the house. Krystal firmly tells Obbo to get lost and Terri takes Robbie to bed, as they are both feeling tired. However, Obbo follows Krystal into the house, and rapes her. This prompts Krystal to want to have a baby with her boyfriend, Stuart 'Fats' Wall, as they would be able to get their own house and Krystal would be able to shut out Obbo and Terri.

Obbo is last seen when Krystal comes home to find her mother drugged up, and two large bags of drugs. To add to her horror, Krystal finds Obbo in Robbie's bedroom, implying that Obbo may have been abusing Robbie. Krystal is frightened and takes Robbie with her before either Obbo or Terri can stop them.

This leads to a chain of events involving Robbie drowning in the river because Krystal was having sex with Fats Wall and Krystal committing suicide with her mother's heroin. By the end of the novel, Obbo appears to have escaped justice.