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He is the antagonist in the Shadowmancer books by G.P. Taylor and is a hero turned to the dark side.

Demurral is the antagonist of the Shadowmancer quartet. He is a ruthless priest who follows the Dark Path and he lives in the Vicarage in Baytown, an English village, but has plans on dominating the world - and the entire Universe too. He seeks to rule Heaven and Hell and achieve impossible goals. To this end, he has turned from God to Satan and the Dark Path and uses dark magic to further his power.

He has also good business skills and is a manipulator and enslaver; he has mines under the town which he has enslaved thousands of innocent people to be slaves for those mines. They mine coal, gems and oil and live in misery. That is - until Raphah, a light magic sorceror and devout follower of God who has been empowered by Him, and a young boy named Thomas (whose family Demurral kicked out of their burning home after they couldn't pay his debt) and his friend Kate, band together to end Demurral's tyranny over the village once and for all.

However, he survives and continues to hunt them down over the following months. It all comes to a confrontation on Salamander Street where a dark secret about Demurral is revealed.

He is accompanied by his henchman Beadle; who is a gray character; he is deformed, with a withered leg; yet although he has an evil master he is himself decent. In fact he defects from Demurral to Raphah in the later books.


Demurral, as a young man, was truly a man of God and followed the Church to the letter. However, over time he began to get sceptical of the Scripture and the salvation it promised and wondered why a kind God would banish sinners to Hell. Demurral realized  that, if only he could get God's power, he would replace and usurp God and become a "better" God in his own words. He would use the dark magic to do this and he would become powerful.

However, he needed a home - he used to travel and preach on the road. So one night when a good yet naive vicar, Dagda Sarapuk, invited him to dinner at his Vicarage, Demurral became greedy and dreamt of owning the place. He challenged Sarapuk to a bet, which the vicar lost. Demurral kicked the man out of his own house and then had no second thoughts. From then on Demurral became more and more evil and treacherous. He delved into the dark arts, used them freely, and began to kill and enslave his servants. He made a perpetual enemy in Thomas, when he kicked his family out of their burning house.


Demurral first appears when he uses Satanic powers to sink the ship bringing Raphah to England. Raphah survives and meets Thomas. They go with Kate to the Vicarage to stop Demurral but he sends demons after them. When Raphah is enslaved in the mines he is tortured by Demurral, and eventually Raphah is freed when he banishes a demon from one of the slavers.

Later, Raphah, Kate and Thomas met up with a lord named Finesterre, yet he betrayed them to Demurral and Demurral met Finesterre in the night with a band of men and they all conjured up their dark master, Satan himself, onto Earth, and were shocked that Satan was a beautifully handsome man instead of the hideous monster they expected. Satan showed them the future, where he would overthrow God, and gave them an  apple from a tree, which he said would reveal who was truly loyal to him. Finesterre rashly ate the apple, and got nightmares about his parents being abusive, but Demurral hesitated, realizing that he had doubts about his ambitions, yet when he ate the apple, he got true bliss and felt extremely happy. Satan promised Finesterre he would recover from his nightmares.

Satan sent demons in to hunt down Raphah, yet he escaped with Kate and Thomas, and they made it to a town. Demurral had contacts in the town which he hunted them down. Later they met in a church and Demurral tried to kill them, but was stopped by the angel Raphael, who protected Raphah and banished Satan and Demurral.

Salamander Street

Demurral sent a dark dog to hunt down Raphah during his exodus with Beadle. Later, Thomas and Raphah met Demurral at Salamander Street, and Demurral told Thomas he was actually his father. Thomas said his real father had died in a storm at sea, and killed Demurral by dousing him with oil and setting him alight by putting a flaming coal in his pocket. Beadle then shot Demurral, putting his former master out of his misery.

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