Oak is the main antagonist of Russian movie "Three Bogatyrs: Move the horse". He was voiced by Dmitry Nagiyev.


Oak was living in the forest. He had two guarders-brothers, who were faithfully serving him. He was a professional in gambling. When the horse Julius is coming to Oak to win some money to send a message to bogatyrs, he used camel Vasiya to win the money.

Vasiya was going to play in the super-game, but Julius realizes that it is cheating, and runs to save Vasya from knackers. Oak catches Julius and learning that King of Kiev has problems and oak is climbing his roots-legs out of the ground and goes to the Kiev palace. There, Oak suggested King to play some gambling, but in last super-game, King is using Kiev as a rate to win 3 half-kingdoms, but he loses and leaves the city with Julius. That made Oak to become a new leader of Kiev.

King and Julius are getting Bogatyrs in their problem. But Bogatyrs decided to take the principality, because they think that the King and oak play fair. But Bogatyrs decided to play back, but Oak wins all their property, which Bogatyrs put as a rate. Very soon, King decided to build a new Kiev. During the construction, Bogatyrs and King with the help of Tikhon, mentor of one of Bogatyrs understand that King had been deceived during gamble.

Alesha, one of Bogatyrs also assumed that all the boxes were empty. They go to the palace. Near Kiev, they've met with three boyars of King, who were caring big golden statue of King riding horse. Tikhon suggested to use this statue as hiding place for Bogatyrs and enter Kiev. When Tikhon went inside of Kiev, he suggested Oak to play gambling, and he used golden statue as a rate. Tikhon wins, and Bogatyrs are breaking out from horse, as it was made out of easy material, which was coloured by golden colour, but the form of golden King stayed. Bogatyrs give fight to Oak, and he loses and leaves Kiev forever.

Powers and abilities

  • Magic
  • Transformation