The O. Project is a robot created under the apparent direction of the Overseer to replace the original cyborg Omega in Bolverk Squad. It was designed by MBORF to follow orders without question, never speaking or feeling emotions. Since Omega had stolen the Cervical armor, the O. Project was equipped with the Overdrive armor.


After the Overseer had collected sufficient enough data from Omega's battle with the MBORF soldiers, he sent out the O. Project, alongside the X. Project to kill Omega.

The O. Project fought Omega on even ground, countering every move Omega threw at it. Realizing the robot outclassed him, Omega pulled out his Longinus Knife and told Xero to do the same. Since the robots did not have any data on it, they did not know how to deal with it, allowing Omega to stab the O. Project and cause it to explode.

Ablities and Equipment

The O. Project is extremely skilled in fighting, being able to counter all of the cyborg Omega's moves. It is also extremely durable, being able to shrug off many gunshot wounds from Omega.


  • Joy (Colt)
  • Terminator
  • Ballistica
  • Armadillo
  • Longinus Knife


  • Like the other robots in the series, the O. Project bleeds green fluid.