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O.J. Simpson, Black Dynamite's rival was well liked by others. He left Black Dynamite on the moon. He appeared in The Dark Side of the Dark Side of the Moon or a Crisis for Christmas.

Despite the fact of being liked by many, near the end of the episode, he goes insane thinking about what Black Dynamite said earlier about "going to the moon for the white man" and nearly would of killed someone, but luckily, Black Dynamite made it in time to confront O.J. who was later knocked out by a rock that B.D. threw from the moon before arriving back to Earth.

Unlike Black Dynamite, OJ is favored by many white people because of his skills in football. Though Black Dynamite has good football skills also, he is disliked becuase of his black revolutionary ways. OJ seems to be favored by everyone, even by members of Black Dynamite's team.

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