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The O'Neil Brothers are a gang of redneck drug dealers in Grand Theft Auto V

After defending his meth lab from an Azteca assault Trevor Phillips attempts to negotiate with Tao Cheng  and his translator to do business. However the leader of the Los Santos Triads Wei Cheng decides to do business with the O'Neil Brothers instead.

This enrages Trevor, so he heads to the O'Neil Brothers ranch to destroy their meth lab and kill off the competition. Trevor is successful at destroying the ranch and killing most of the O'Neils (the leader Elwood, along with Walton and Wynn drove off prior to speak to the Chinese partners). After some time as revenge for the loss of his business and brothers Elwood attempted to murder Trevor in Floyd's condo but Wade told them that Trevor was at Sandy Shores. Elwood, Walton and Wynn headed off to Trevor's trailer. Unbeknownst to the trio, Franklin Clinton and his dog Chop were following them. Elwood's car crashes while trying to avoid an elk on the road, and the three rednecks hide in the forest. Meanwhile Trevor and Michael De Santa, head towards the forest in an FIB helicopter, Michael snipes Walton and Wynn while Franklin murders Elwood.


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