O'Leary is a villain in the 2009 Black Dynamite film. He was Black Dynamite's former friend from the Army and the CIA.


O'Leary gave the orders to kill Black Dynamite's younger brother Jimmy to Congressman James who gave it to Rafelli and Chicago Wind. He was also selling the mysterious government produced malt liquor Anacoda and gave the orders to James to sell drugs on the street,

After killing Rafelli and stealing James' ledgers on the illegal shipments, Black Dynamite infiltrated the warehouse and found malt liquor Anacoda instead of drugs. He figured out that the Anacoda gives African American men's dicks smaller. Dynamite and his gang later returned to the warehouse where Dynamite confronts O'Leary and was shocked at his betrayal. Black Dynamite faked a gun injury to distract O'Leary. Using this advantage, he shot and killed his former friend O'Leary.